McGee’s Swamp Tour in Henderson, LA

Man, Where Ya Ben K-Boy?

Man I was down there in the Red Stick having lunch with some ol’ couyons a couple week ago and one of dem said “Ol K-Boy, when you gonna get that Louisiana blog back up an’ runnin?” I said “You know what, that mean ol’ web hosting gator over dere in Texas done ate up all my money. I need to get the site a new home up and running so I can keep sharing that Louisiana culture.” Now i’m set up on the host thats in motion, with that fancy little lock up there in the corner to make you feel all warm like a bowl full of duck and andouille gumbo. Continue reading “McGee’s Swamp Tour in Henderson, LA”

Scott Boudin Festival

Scott Louisiana Exit 97
5th Annual Scott Boudin Festival Logo
The 5th Annual Boudin Festival was held on April 21-23 2017 in Scott, Louisiana.

The Scott Boudin Festival is one of those that hold a special place in my heart, because I love all things boudin.


Billy’s had the best boudin ball at the festival. The festival featured more than just boudin balls. Continue reading “Scott Boudin Festival”